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Since 2005! One of the longest running podcasts and we talk about MINI Coopers! Join db, Todd, Chad and sometimes Gabe twice a month!

Aug 1, 2016

On this day in 2005, after a couple of weeks of testing, setting up the website, getting art work ready and trying to figure out how to record a show, Todd and I posted the very first episode of White Roof Radio under the white roof!

It's been a long and awesome ride and there is no way, NO WAY, that we could have done this without you guys, the White Roof Radio Army! Thanks for listening, sharing, saying hi at events and all the things.

Also no way I could have gone this long without Todd, Gabe, Michael Babishkin, Nathaniel Saltzman, Chad Miller or Alex Sitbon. No way.

We've come along way and hopefully still have a long way to go. 

Happy Birthday White Roof Radio!!!!!