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Since 2005! One of the longest running podcasts and we talk about MINI Coopers! Join db, Todd, Chad and sometimes Gabe twice a month!

Aug 25, 2015

We are back and with a short show for you guys this week. Todd, Chad and I spend tonight talking about camber, electric cars and gluten free all the things. Some things that might interest you are the new Motoringfile, Gabe’s Tesla review and your homework for the next show and more! Don’t forget to […]

Aug 18, 2015

Firing up the way back machine again for you guys, but only once this week. Between Chad recovering from MINI on the Mac and Todd printing t-shirts and recovering from the Vegas heat and Alex being out of the country, thought it would be good time to take a break. Enjoy. This was the first […]

Aug 13, 2015

Continuing our trip through the way back machine with the 2nd episode of The World Famous White Roof Radio! Again with Gabe Bridger, we touch on quite a few things… This week on Motoringfile This week on dbmini. Can we stop with the wax? MSRP vs. Over charge Buy local vs. Buy out of state […]

Aug 11, 2015

Gabe joins us tonight to talk about news from MotoringFile and his time with the new JCW, after Chad recaps MINI on the Mack. Listen for him and AJ soon on the MotorTrend Podcast! Gabe’s full review of the JCW can be found at Besides all of that, we also talk about this article […]

Aug 6, 2015

Where it all started way back in 2005. I present to you the first Woofcast as it was originally posted. Most of the links don’t work, but the audio does and that’s what you are hear for anyway, right? A quick welcome to the new home of the db & Todd podcast. –Todd has wicked […]